Do I need a good Wifi connection at my venue?

Most Wifi connections at most venues will be able to support live streaming. If you are unsure, it is easy to run a test on your smartphone.

How is audio handled?

We either set up our own microphones, or take a line out of the venue's own audio system - or both. As most of our clients are musicians, audio quality is a top priority.

Title cards, videos, or other imagery?

Any text, image, or video can be implemented in the stream - even a live video chat or another livestream. 


All live streams are archived and automatically uploaded to the platform they are streamed to. Our cameras have the ability to record in full 4K independently, meaning that an after the fact full length edit, trailer, or montage can be arranged.

Where do people watch the stream?

There are two basic ways.

1. Your own social media

If you, your organization, or your event has a YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other form of social media which supports live streaming, the stream can go directly there. An audience will discover the stream by either happening upon it as they browse, or clicking a direct link.

2. Our own website

Viewers can easily click into your own custom link on this very website, and enjoy the stream with no ads. Any custom link that you specify will work, for example emilagopian.com/charityevent or emilagopian.com/benifitconcert.