Director, documentary filmmaker, interviewer and cinematographer, Emil has made directed documentaries in China, Europe, the USA, and across Canada. His latest feature, The True North Project, has garnered multiple awards for Directing and Animation/Editing, was a finalist for the European Cinematography Awards, and won Best Documentary at the Monaco International Film Festival. 



Creating impacting and successful documentaries for highly regarded organizations like Morningside Music Bridge International, The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Luminous Voices, The Calgary Folk Music Festival, The University of Calgary and SAIT Polytechnic, Emil also frequently works with theatre companies like Theatre Encounter and La Caravan Dance Theatre. A trained cellist, Emil has a strong connection to the arts and music, making it the subject of many of his films. Emil has created several one-man and multi-crew music videos, including "Journey of Remembrance" for the Three Sisters Trio which went viral on YouTube and received national TV and newspaper coverage. His music videos have been screened at museums, album launches, film festivals, and theatres. Emil frequently takes up projects involving all mediums of visual art. An animator, Emil frequently animates and directs groundbreaking and innovative live event projection, and frequently invents new combinations of digital and physical animation for his films.


Emil has produced and directed multiple short films, garnering awards and critical review for his student and professional films. His 2015 directorial debut screened at YofiFest in New York and premiered at the Calgary International Film Festival. The film received a stellar review by Yair Raveh, one of Israel's leading film critics.


Emil has worked as a Director of Photography on music videos, documentaries, and short films, specializing in 35mm and 16mm motion picture film, and is an experienced steadicam operator. 

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